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How Can SyncMyClass Help You?

Simple and user friendly front-end design with innovative features can save time managing your Institute

See what is going on and where?

To check the event occurring in a batch at a particular time, you have to view the one mentioned in the time slot below it.

Streamer helps you to see where and what is going on in your Institute in just one view.

You can see in which class room which lecture is going on and which faculty is conducting the lecture along with the time period.

@SyncMyClass Streamer help me in getting an idea of all the happenings in my institute at a glance. :)

@Akshata Chavan, Pune

(Screenshot: Streamer)


Now easily manage your Institute timetable to save time and reduce complexity.

Set time, faculty and classroom in your timetable also at the same instance. Any event added by the admin will send a notification to students concerned regarding the same and simultaneously, the event will appear in the timetable available in the students/ parents mobile app.

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Timetable helps me schedules for my institute efficiently without any complexity.

@Prof. Deepak Bagade, Nuclear Academy

Know your student well !!

See your student's overall performance

Results and Report Cards will be available in various format such as pdf, excel. The report card hence obtained can easily be printed without manual intervention. So, both parents and staff will have total information about improvement in their pupil’s academics.

Displays your student's history regarding performance in various subjects, profile, attendance in graphical format.

crucial information regarding student like this attendance, performance etc can easily be obtained with SyncMyClass.

@ Pranjali Kamble, Pune

(Screenshot:Student Full Profile)

Connect your Institute to Your students

  We are connecting millions of students,educators & employers worldwide  

SyncMyClass helps you to connect your institute to your students. Sync your admin dashboard with student mobile app. You can send details regarding exam, timetable, announcement etc. to student in just one click.

Students can see the notification notified by your institute in the mobile app which is designed for student, with a rich UI. This simplifies their effort in remembering each and everything about their work.

SyncMyClass now keeps student up-to-date regarding happenings in institute.

@Prof. Shah, Pune

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  • Designed to pixel perfection for great usability and aesthetics. Phasellus iaculis iusto nobiuse nullam illo praesent quaerat.
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  • A user profile is a collection of settings and information associated with a user. It can be defined as the explicit digital representation of the identity of the user .
    with respect to the operating environment, which could be operating systems, software applications or websites. The user profile helps in associating characteristics with a user and helps in ascertaining the interactive behavior of the user along with preferences.
  • A timetable is a kind of schedule that sets out times at which specific events are intended to occur.
    A table for coordinating students, teachers, rooms, and other resources Time horizon, a fixed point of time in the future at which point certain processes will be evaluated or assumed to end Timeline, a project artifact.
  • homework assignment, is a set of tasks assigned to students by their teachers to be completed outside the class.
    Common homework assignments may include a quantity or period of reading to be performed, writing or typing to be completed, math problems to be solved, material to be reviewed before a test, or other skills to be practiced.
  • Attendance is the concept of people, individually or as a group, appearing at a location for a previously scheduled event.
    Measuring attendance is a significant concern for many organizations, which can use such information to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts and to plan for future efforts.
  • Notifications (formerly known as Echo, commonly called pinging) is a SMC web-service designed to inform users about new activity on SMC in a unified way.
    It provides notifications to users for a number of events related to their account, including new talk page messages, edit reverts, mentions or links.
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User Friendly

Any individual with basic computer knowledge can easily execute SyncMyClass functionalities proving to be very user friendly.

Fast & Secure

SyncMyClass is cloud based, making it extremely secure and fast. Data of one institute will by no means be visible to any other institute.

Zero-Cost Notification

Admin does not need to spill out a single penny to notify their users unlike other message services which prove to be more expensive.

Unlimited User Support

Once registered with SyncMyClass, the Institute can host innumerable branches of their own with unlimited user capability.

Highly Customisable

SyncMyClass can be used by any educational institute.Report cards and Attendance sheets will contain the Name and Logo of the respective institute.

Highly Scalable

Once you register with SyncMyClass, you can create unlimited branches, batches, users allotted for your institution and easily delete/archive information when not needed.

Parent Student Login

Both parents and students have their individual login access to SyncMyClass which allows them to be updated from anywhere in the world.

Personalized Feedback

Feedbacks, Improvements, Complaints regarding any problem encountered related to SyncMyClass are welcome 24/7.

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